Food production, preservation and presentation are the key to success for processed food producers.

The increasing demand for processed potato products can be met by industrial production machines and state of the art production lines. Form, color, taste, hygiene and quality are important starting points, as well as capacity, efficiency, reliability and production output. Thus consumers in Angola are looking for high quality chips in an affordable price.

With the consideration of growing interest for convenience foods and readymade products such as potato chips in Angolan market, “AGROBAL LDA” takes a noble step to introduce its own potato chips brand called “MASTER CHIPS” and the products details are as below;


Master Chips “Snack Mix” French Cheese Flavor
Master Chips “Crinckle” Barbecue Flavor
Master Chips “Crinckle” Paprika Flavor
Master Chips “Family Size” French Cheese Flavor
Master Chips “Family Size” Barbecue Flavor
Spiky Chips “Cheddar” Cheese Flavor
Spiky Chips “Pizza” Flavor
Spiky Chips “Barbecue” Flavor